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This page was added to the site not only to show the many ways we can recreate our artwork to fit one's taste, but to present ideas as to the many functions for our metal artwork


The client already had the woodwork and granite in place. She asked us to create the copper facing for it with just an idea that she wanted trees and an elk. This was our first venture working with copper. Everybody is really satisfied with it.


Whitetail Deer Scene from our art gallery. This is one of our most widely requested art pieces. It has been used as an accent to hang on the wall, eye catching ranch and hunt lease signs, an insert for an entryway or gate, a fireplace screen, etc.


Here is that traditional family initial for the front porch, but with a bit more to say than 'my last name starts with B'


Firehouse shield done in 4 layers. This was our first shot at dimensional artwork. It came out really well.

Fortunately for the livestock, this branding iron (though fully functional) was created for decorative purposes only.


Sentimental and fun -Holiday ornaments make great gifts and bring back cherished memories. These ornaments were custom created from a client's photos.


We have a constantly growing collection of custom TX state art designs.

Add a professional charm to your guest ranch or lodge with custom furnishings designed around your resort name or logo. a novel touch your clients are sure to notice.

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